Creating your holiday from home – the Florida Room

Everybody loves going on a summer holiday and what better destination than Florida? Marvellous sunny weather, glistening blue beaches with pale yellow sand, and even a Disney theme park to entertain the family in between sunbathing sessions at the beach. All holidays come to an end, though, and for those of you reading this post who aren’t living in the USA, getting to Florida can be expensive. So why not bring the holiday home and have a spot dedicated to the Florida feel? For my Florida-themed room, I have in mind a sun room or alternatively a reception room. I would also like to focus on the more calming, beachy elements of Florida.

  • room must ideally be south facing for maximum sun exposure with lots of windows to bring in natural light
  • light neutral colours compliment the light which flows into the room. A nice vanilla wall and a sandy-coloured wooden floor would be my choice. What better colours to make you think of eating ice cream at the beach? Also, a bright, light room will have the same effect on your mood.
  • Soft pops of colour like muted blues and greens are calming like the effect of relaxing at the beach and the blues and greens remind us of palm trees and the ocean
  • transparent glass bowl full of shells with a sand base is a nice touch and would look great on a side table or mantelpiece
  • soft white muslin drapes would be a perfect complimentary shade for the windows in your Florida room
  • soft orange lights when it gets dark outside to remind you of the sunrise and the sunset
  • furniture with soft blue/white/green/tan stripes. Gives off a nautical beachy feel. One may prefer a white sofa, however, it is not a practical colour especially if you have a family home where dirty feet may accidentally find a spot on a sofa.
  • wicker coffee tables, side tables etc will give off a beachy feel, you can even get wicker piece suites. One could also acquire wicker window blinds 
  • if you like novelty additions which bring more pops of colour to a room then seek out some beach-themed decorations. This can include standing a surfboard against the wall or a lifebuoy nailed above the fireplace. These accessories can be found for cheap on sites like eBay. If you like the surfboard idea then why not be super inventive and make surfboard shelves? 

Post inspired by Elliman.


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