An update

So, this is my first personal post since July! Can you believe it? The time really flies. And a lot has happened in four months. My eldest daughter turned three, I joined Slimming World, my hair has gotten blonder after a couple of trips to the salon and the newborn isn’t such a newborn anymore. We’ve also moved into a new house about two months ago, and in that space of time I’ve crashed my car into the garden fence around three times now (I don’t really care, though, not much of a fan of the car so I cared more about the welfare of the garden fence) and am currently sporting a dodgy front bumper and back bumper. I just need to do in the sides of the car and then it will look like a complete nail. 

I also must confess – I wrote a book… a children’s book… and I really enjoyed writing it. I’ve always took a keen interest in writing but I’ve never finished a story, and this is the first time I’ve stayed focused and interested enough. And honestly, I’m quite keen on getting it published. I showed my mum, my fiancé and my auntie the story and they were all very complimentary so I am optimistic, however, the publishing process is putting me off. It costs a lot of money – like, hundreds of pounds – to just have a literary agent look at a story and that’s without the guarantee that they will enjoy it enough to send to a publisher. So I may sit on it and write another story, it wouldn’t hurt to have a variety of children’s stories to offer when I do get an audience with a publisher, I guess. 

Well, that’s all from me. Busy busy. Babies to burp, three year olds to potty train, washing to wash, floors to iron, sides to wipe, meals to cook, recorded episodes of Loose Women from last week to try and watch (never happens successfully) and things to procrastinate about! Thank you for reading. 


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