BEAUTY REVIEW ~ Schwarzkopf Live Lightener and Twist – Cool Rose 

I haven’t seen many blog posts about this brand of hair colours when I was trying to find more opinions about it so I decided to use the product and write a review myself. I chose the colour Cool Rose. 

This product professes to lift your colour up to four levels and tone it to a certain colour – I was torn between Cool Rose and Cool Lilac. The box features a model with very pale, pink hair. It looks adorable and complements the current pastel trend. The pink looked pink enough to be noticeable but not too pink so much that it was, like, woah. You know? 

So, this is my hair colour before using the product. I left the dye to develop for 35 minutes as instructed on the box and my hair came out like this: 

Ok, so yeah, it’s not the same as the box. But that was to be anticipated. As a seasoned user of hair dye, I am aware that the certainty of hair turning out the same colour as it does on the box is extremely low – unless you use darker shades. In some lights it actually looks orange. And it doesn’t look any lighter even though the product pledges to lift the colour. But – I love the results. I’d definitely use it again. It makes me feel like a unicorn! 

Thank you so much for reading! Over and out. Love from, Jess xxx


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