Isabella and the Spider

Isabella and the Spider


Isabella loved her garden when it was sunny,

Daddy would play games with her that they both found funny!

She’d lie on the grass and listen to the sounds of the farm

But she did not like it when cheeky bugs crawled up her arms.

This particular day, such bug was a spider,

A friendly creature, but the girl didn’t like her.

“I won’t hurt you,” said the spider, “I only want to play,”

But Isabella didn’t listen ‘cos she was afraid!

“Go away!” she screamed, running back inside,

And the sad spider crept away to hide.


Isabella loved her house, especially in the winter,

Steaming hot chocolates and soft warm beds meant she didn’t shiver

Unfortunately, some bugs felt the same way,

And one rainy night, a spider came to stay.

The windswept spider scuttled through the house, down the carpet path,

To the bathroom where Isabella was splashing in the bath.

Spying the spider, she cried out, “Get out!” in dismay.

She splashed it with water and it said, sadly, “Okay.”


The spider kept out of the girl’s way, hiding in the shadows.

The spider was scared but it was too frosty in the meadows.

So the spider spun a web in the corner of the girl’s room

And waited until the season where the pretty flowers bloom

– But! Wait that long? The spider did not…

A chance to befriend the girl, she got.


The spider watched Isabella talk to her daddy

About how seeing twinkling stars made her feel happy,

But at bedtime with the curtains closed, she couldn’t see the sky

And after listening, the spider had an idea in mind.

It waited until the girl went to her nanny’s house

And it worked and worked all day, as quiet as a mouse,

Spinning and twining and making art out of web,

Kissing twinkling stars onto each and every thread

And so when Isabella came home, she squealed with delight,

‘cause in her room was a web, and it sparkled with the night.

“Thank you, spider,” said Isabella, “for bringing the stars to me,

Please stay here?” and the spider did. And they were happy as can be.

Ⓒ Jessica Morley









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