About Me

I am a 27 year old woman living with my fiancé and our two little girls in middle-England’s idyllic countryside. I grew up in the suburbs near a city but I am most at home tucked away from everything in a cosy little house with just my family for company, relocating was one of the best things I did.

My hobbies include reading books and tabloids, drawing cartoons, cross stitching and writing – which I then developed into a more keen interest, with this blog. I also like less constructive hobbies such as watching TV shows such as The Walking Dead, Made In Chelsea, Ex On The Beach, Pretty Little Liars and Geordie Shore. I have been gaming since I was a little girl too, and my favourites are the Dragon Age, Mass Effect, The Witcher and Grand Theft Auto games.

I consider myself to be a housewife and mother. Before settling down, I got my A-levels in English Literature, Media, History and Business Studies. I then studied Media at University level before dropping out after realising student life wasn’t my bag, and I worked in retail for nine years thereafter, until I moved away to concentrate on my family.

I have Social Anxiety which I successfully manage without medication. I consider myself to be a friendly and polite person, despite my fears of people, and I will always enjoy conversing with readers of my blog, and other bloggers.

In this blog I detail my thoughts, experiences and what I consider to be my personal achievements. I also review products I’ve used, places I’ve been and books I’ve read.

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