Business and Promoting

I have been running my blog since March 2016 in between being a housewife, a mother of two and running my aloe vera-based business. It has proven to be quite popular. In March 2016 it had over 750 views, April 2016’s views over 770 and May 2016’s views were over 1500. My blog currently has 107 followers. I would say that it is a decent platform on which to advertise and promote products and my blog can only serve to increase in popularity. I have a Twitter account where my blog posts on this WordPress blogs are linked.

If you have any suggestions to a subject which you would like me to write about, I will be open to friendly hints. I would love to write sponsored posts so please feel free to entertain using my blog as a platform. I am also more than happy to write honest reviews, so if you are a company who would like me to review their product, please contact me via email at: